The Mission

Our Daily Bread
in Vietnam

In the midst of rapid economic and social change, we have a divine opportunity to share the Good News across Vietnam. Join us to fill searching hearts with the life-changing wisdom of God's Word, and to bring eternal hope to a nation in need of the love of Jesus Christ.

The Project

Vietnam has a huge population of around 100 million, yet only a small number are followers of Christ. Many have yet to hear of Jesus, as they live in remote areas or have little access to resources in their own language, while believers face challenges in growing their faith from the rapid changes of modern life.

Christian resources are needed across Vietnam. If we can share evangelistic materials that bridge cultural gaps, we can help spread the Good News across the country. And if we can place devotional and discipleship resources into the hands of church leaders, we can help them nurture believers. Join us to come alongside local churches to share the wisdom of God and love of Jesus Christ across Vietnam.

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Your prayer and support is needed to bring God’s Word to the people of Vietnam. Join us today!

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